Siridion® is more than a brand

Siridion® means A commitment

Siridion® stands for the highest quality and satisfied customers for three reasons:


Today, Siridion® is the world’s leading chlorosilane brand for the optical fibers industry. As the partner of choice to this demanding industry, Evonik manufactures Siridion® products of unrivaled purity. We operate dedicated chlorosilane manufacturing facilities at different sites to reliably deliver and to ensure our purity. 


Evonik has many years of experience in successfully running fence-to-fence operations with partners in Europe, North America, and Asia for various products. Our strong position as a supplier of chlorosilanes to the solar power industry is built on this strategy of joint growth with selected partners, too. The fence-to-fence cooperation model with solargrade silicon manufacturers has been tailormade for this industry and reliably delivers tangible benefits with both partners profiting from an integrated and optimized production network - known in German as "Verbund".


One of the main challenges of chlorosilanes is to ensure the highest level of purity over time. Evonik has been manufacturing Siridion® chlorosilanes for decades at the highest levels of quality and reliability. Siridion® is synonymous with "quality delivered on time". Our customers can count on us to meet their specifications and their deadlines. Every time and everywhere.

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