Siridion® packages

Ultra high pure Products for high performance

Siridion® HCDS
Hexachlorodisilane, HCDS, Si2Cl6

Siridion® brand ultrahigh purity hexachlorodisilane is a raw material used in the semiconductor industry for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of silicon-containing films on silicon wafers at very low temperatures. Here, ultrahigh purity hexachlorodisilane is mainly used in the manufacture of next generation memory chips with the highest storage densities.


Siridion® TCS
Trichlorosilane, TCS, SiHCl3

Siridion® brand ultrahigh purity trichlorosilane is the most important raw material in solar-grade and semiconductor silicon production. Solar-grade silicon is used as a semiconducting material for thick film solar cells, whereas semiconductor silicon is used in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers. Ultrahigh purity trichlorosilane is also the key element in growing epitaxial silicon layers on semiconductor wafers. 


Siridion® STC
Silicon tetrachloride, tetrachlorosilane, Siltet, STC, SiCl4

Siridion® brand ultrahigh purity silicon tetrachloride is the key feedstock in optical fiber production. It is also used in the manufacture of polycrystalline silicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries, and in the production of synthetic fused quartz glass, e.g. fused quartz glass tubes. Siridion® STC is used in numerous niche applications as well.

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