Partner for the markets of the future

Evonik has decades of experience in the development, cost-efficient production as well as in the safe handling and transport of Siridion® monosilane and chlorosilanes, and is one of the largest suppliers of this product class worldwide. Although Siridion® products are also used as precursors for the production of other Evonik products such as fumed silica (AEROSIL®) and functional silanes (Protectosil®, Dynasylan®) as well as for an array of processes in various industries, such as chlorinating reactions, our main external customers come from four cutting-edge industries:

Siridion® for batteries

Silicon-carbon composite material for the anode makes lithium-ion batteries more powerful by increasing energy density and improving the fast-charging capability and energy efficiency.

Siridion® for optical fibers

Due to the extraordinary purity of Siridion® chlorosilanes, our products occupy a worldwide leading position on the optical fiber market.

Siridion® for semiconductors

Reliability and product quality make Siridion® a preferred raw material for the semiconductor industry.

Siridion® for photovoltaics

Siridion® chlorosilanes are used successfully worldwide for solar energy components. Evonik supplies the products directly or builds fence-to-fence plants.

Siridion® for other applications

Siridion® products can be used, for example, in chlorinating reactions, as silicon precursors, and for an array of processes in various industries such as ingredients in the green tire technology.