Engineers at work

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Engineering service
Siridion® container

No matter whether it’s a 30 kilo container, a 20-metric-ton ISO container, or the design for a fence-to-fence plant: the only way to ensure that chlorosilanes flow into our customers' production processes safely and at the highest quality is the flawless design and handling of the respective discharge stations.

This is why the engineers and chemists of the Siridion® trademark have a long tradition of close cooperation with their customers. From this experience, we know that this added investment pays off in fewer mistakes, fewer risks, satisfied customers.

Training service
Rheinfelden Germany, silicium plant

Chlorosilanes need to be handled with the utmost care. First, as hazardous materials, they can cause damage. Second, they maintain their purity only if they are competently processed.

We have consistently invested in customer training to prevent damage and risks. For years, one of the standards for the Siridion® trademark has been training for new customers in the handling of chlorosilanes prior to their first delivery. It’s a win-win situation all around: for on-site personnel and our customers’ product—and, ultimately, for us.